Wrongful Death cases can be very complicated and require a thorough investigation. You need an experienced attorney to guide you through the many twists and turns of wrongful death litigation. Pending wrongful death case example: Forsyth County Client’s husband was driving south on Georgia 400 before sunrise with his daughter and her boyfriend and was […]

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All lawyers with significant DUI practices and all judges in Georgia that deal with DUI’s have been anxiously awaiting the Georgia Supreme Court’s opinion in Elliott v. The State (Docket No. S18A1204). Oral argument was conducted in the Georgia Supreme Court in April, 2018. What’s the big deal and what is the Elliott Issue? Some […]

Georgia residents have seen it constantly in television shows and movies: the cops have finally got their suspect, and as they’re placing the cuffs on the suspect they begin the mantra “You have the right to remain silent…” This beginning phrase is, with slight variations, used across the country by law enforcement to “read a […]