Georgia residents have seen it constantly in television shows and movies: the cops have finally got their suspect, and as they’re placing the cuffs on the suspect they begin the mantra “You have the right to remain silent…” This beginning phrase is, with slight variations, used across the country by law enforcement to “read a […]

We’ve previously discussed the potential consequences of taking the law into one’s own hands in cases of child custody disputes. People who take children who are legally in the custody of another without the guardian’s consent can face various civil and criminal penalties. We’ve also touched on the fact that whether the children consent or […]

The end of a marriage can be an emotionally trying time, even for well-adjusted adults. It’s no surprise, then, that its effect on children can be magnified, considering their less-developed emotional and intellectual capabilities. There are, however, a couple ways divorcing couples with kids can help with the transition. One is to attempt to ensure […]