DUI Drugs Defense Lawyers

You can still be charged with driving under the influence of drugs in the state of Georgia not just for using illegal drugs, but also if you were groggy from an over the counter or prescription medication. The punishment for a DUI with drugs of any form in your system is more severe than with an alcohol-related offense. If you were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, you need an experienced DUI attorney who will help you avoid a conviction, license suspension, fines and jail time. Convictions for a DUI drugs arrest also bring a hard suspension of your driver’s license with no work permit, so it is critical to aggressively fight for your rights.

When you are charged for a DUI involving drugs, there is no minimum limit to how much of the substance must be in your system to sustain a prosecution. In many instances, just the presence of any illegal drug in your blood or urine is enough to be found guilty in DUI “per se” cases if the results of your chemical test results are introduced into evidence. Additional drug possession charges are possible if the police find illegal substances in any vehicle searched by consent of the driver or vehicular searches connected to a lawful arrest, probable cause or a search warrant.

Skilled criminal defense attorneys like those at Banks, Stubbs and McFarland understand the scientific literature which establishes the therapeutic, non-impairing levels of medication. The attorneys at Banks Stubbs and McFarland also understand that certain medical conditions can mimic impairment from a drug and can be incorrectly interpreted by untrained or inexperienced officers.

To be convicted of DUI drugs, the prosecution must prove that:

  1. You were driving under the influence of drugs and
  2. The drugs caused your driving to be “less safe.”

In prescription drug cases, the prosecution must prove its case to the heightened burden of “incapable of driving safely.” Our legal team will work tirelessly to uncover the deficiencies in the State of Georgia’s claim against you in order to get your DUI drug charges dismissed or reduced. Located in Cumming, we are available to clients located throughout North Georgia.

The attorneys at Banks, Stubbs, and McFarland have expert training in DUI law and will vigorously challenge DUI drugs charges and fight for your rights. Call 770-887-1209 now or use the contact form below to schedule a free review of your case with some of the most experienced criminal defense lawyers in GA.